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Issues with dvr cloud

LostinCaliLostinCali Posts: 1
edited October 9 in Spectrum TV for Apple & Apple TV Oct 09, 2021

Help!!! I have been having not stop issues with trying to watch the recorded programs the last 2 weeks. I have reinstalled app multiple times. I have unplugged Apple 4K multiple times. Apple and app software is up to date. I've checked internet speed (also Spectrum) and there is no issue with speed.

When playing recorded shows there have been multiple issues:

1. Picture clarity has been very bad....supposed to be HD but is often blurry, then in HD for a minute or so and back to blurry.

2. Video stops and shows black for several minutes. I have to exit and then click resume. Can start after about 10 minutes into recording and happens every 3 or 4 minutes after that making a 1 hour show take almost 2 hours to view.

3. If not going to black screen, then will start showing an earlier part of show. I will exit and then resume to pick up where it was before going to earlier viewed video. Just like black screen. The longer and more times I exit and resume, the shorter period of time between viewing the correct video. And it's always the same earlier part of recording that cuts in.

Also issues with live streaming. Picture freezes or screen goes blank. No issue with any other streaming apps on Apple 4K during this time, just Spectrum TV app and internet speed does not drop so only issue with Spectrum app.

Please update the software so this app works correctly on Apple 4k.



  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 11 MOD
    Oct 09, 2021

    Hi LostinCali, Welcome to our Community!

    When testing the speed was your device near the Apple TV? What were your test results?

    Are you able to test the app with any other devices?

    Is this also happening when watching Live TV, or only recorded content?

  • dman71dman71 Posts: 5 ✭✭
    edited 12:04AM Today

    Having the same issue as OP with issue #1 Surely it can be better but as of now, it looks like crap. Let's fix the problem.

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