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Hi, this is not a question but a response to a service change?

psongmanpsongman Posts: 83 Contributor
edited March 23 in Watch TV 2021 Archive Oct 11, 2021

Hello. I just switched my account tv service from Spectrum Choice to Select, rebooted and the picture is superior. I mean, what happened, it is like I got a brand new Tv, takes up the whole screen, clearer, more focused and watchable. I am commenting because I am hoping these forums are moderated and a reader or overseer can take this information back to the proper people. So, this must mean that the Spectrum Choice signal is not as good, just saying. Anyways, thanks for listening, hope this helps someone else, RD


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,523 Contributor
    Oct 11, 2021


    Glad you got an improved picture with the service upgrade! That is cool! The Spectrum Choice plan seems to be more for streaming platforms. The signals might be different. Someone else may want to elaborate on this. For the typical services with a CATV converter box, the main packages are:

    Spectrum Select- Good selection of standard services plus Music Choice. Sort of like having channels 1-99 from the old analog converter days.

    Spectrum Silver- (Most popular) IMO best value- You get almost all of the main CATV channels that you would care about, plus Music Choice plus HBO/Showtime, Plus HBO Max! You get an awesome variety of sports and movies.

    Spectrum Gold- Gives you everything in Spectrum Silver plus about 50 more channels, some added sports channels plus Starz/Encore and The Movie Channel. It gives you everything except Epix and Cimemax, which are ala-carte for everyone. now and are not a part of any package. Cimemax used to be a part of the Silver Plan, but AT&T who ownes HBO/Cionemax, wanted too much money to keep Cinemax in the Silver and Gold tiers.

    However, having HBO Max makes up for the loss of Cinemax in the package plans for Spectrum Silver and Gold. The Gold plan is the highest priced plan.


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,382 ADMIN
    Oct 12, 2021


    Thanks for the feedback, we will pass it along!

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