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Identifying Fiber Optic Lines

Swright13Swright13 Posts: 2 Spectator

My wife called and check to see if we had Spectrum at our new house. Customer service said it was available but they would send inspector to confirm because we are in a rural location. We we’re told of all is good the technician will be out on Monday between 1-2. Technician arrived and looked up and said that’s not us that’s AT&T and left. I called customer service and they said I don’t know why he would have said that because it’s available but we didn’t send out a inspector. We will reschedule for Saturday between 1-2 and confirm it’s available and install if so. So being as inpatient as I am, I called AT&T and they said no we do not have service in your area. Now my question is this. Can someone identify lines from the ground or did Mr Technician have the Monday blues?


  • Anthony_VAnthony_V Posts: 62 Moderator
    Nov 19, 2021

    Hello and welcome to the Community!

    I apologize for any misinformation, there are times were an address may not yet be in our system as our services may not have been installed before at that residence. In some of these cases a technician may need to visit the residence to confirm if we can in deed provide service.

    • Anthony
  • Swright13Swright13 Posts: 2 Spectator
    Nov 19, 2021

    Customer service said it is available at our address and our neighbors have Spectrum as well. My question is how can a technician determine if you are available for service or not just by looking up at the lines? We have fiber optic lines right in front of our house and AT&T isn’t available in this area. All signs seem to point that spectrum is available. I’ve never had this much trouble trying to give someone business. Customer service has been fantastic, however the technician we’ve dealt with seemed lacking.

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,112 ADMIN
    Nov 19, 2021

    Experienced techs can definitely identify a service line on visual inspection. What seems likely in this situation is that Spectrum service is available, but has not been installed to your home. Since you mention you are in a rural area and never had Spectrum previously, it is likely that the connection from the node to your home needs to be built, and this is completed by a different team. In short, techs can install existing connections, but are unable to create / build new ones. Since your appointment was rescheduled for Saturday, we suggest that you allow Saturday's appointment to be completed and let us know how it works out.

    We appreciate your patience.

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