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Is there a limit to how many Series Recordings that I can have?

Rho181Rho181 Posts: 1 Newcomer
in TV Equipment Nov 19, 2021

For example Directv only allows 70 Series Recordings. After 70 if you try to setup a new show to tape weekly you will get a message that you have reached your max. This is not the same a recording hours or recording storage, that is a completely different feature. Some DVRs won't work properly if you go over 100 scheduled series recordings so it good to clear out shows that have ended or been canceled. Some DVRs won't let you go over a certain amount. I'm already at 60 and have a few that I want to remove but can't do to a flaw in the equipment. I don't want to run into a limit it there is no way to delete a scheduled series recording of a show that has ended or been canceled.

Accepted Answers

  • Anthony_VAnthony_V Posts: 62 Moderator
    Nov 19, 2021 Accepted Answer

    Hello and welcome to the Community!

    I am not aware of there being a limit to how many series recordings can be set on a DVR.

    • Anthony
  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,314 Contributor
    edited November 19 Nov 19, 2021 Accepted Answer

    Hello, and Welcome to the Community!

    There are differences between a set top box DVR and Cloud DVR:

    1.) The cloud DVR is a work in progress and is not as feature rich as a STB DVR.

    2.) Depending on STB and Guide type, you can store between 50-100 hours of programs.

    3.) At this time, Spectrum's Cloud DVR is only intending for Internet streaming services and is not intended for the mainstream Spectrum TV Packages of Select, Silver, and Gold.

    4.) Traditionally, a DVR, especially a STB DVR is not intended to be an archive storage device. It is intended for shows to be watched and cleared after watching within a reasonable period of time.. Excessive shows where the storage percentage gets up there, might start experiencing slow-downs and potential for other problems.

    5.) STB's have between 2-6 tuners depending on model of DVR and guide software. This represents how many shows you can record at once on your STB.

    6.) Cloud DVR's have some storage limits and programs may be deleted by Spectrum after a period of time,

    7.) STB DVR's may lose programing due to software updates or maintenance to the network. This is why a DVR should not be intended as a permanent storage archive.

    The illustrated charts below show the pros and cons of Cloud DVR services, and the differences between a STB DVR and a cloud DVR.


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