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Pixelating & unwatchable video again!! CBS Affiliate on Spectrum App

dman71dman71 Posts: 20 Participant
edited January 1 in Spectrum TV for Apple & Apple TV Jan 01, 2022

Guess the band-aid came off of your fix for the unwatchable CBS affiliate (WTKR) again. As usual, it works fine for a couple weeks and craps out again. The issue surfaced again this morning and has become unwatchable again this evening. For the love of pete, please fix the issue spectrum.

This has been going on for over a year and no one with Spectrum, other than your local techs, can acknowledge the issue. Surely you have engineering techs (or not), that can get it fixed. Also, don't give the scripted response that you are not aware of the issue. FIX THE ISSUE OR LOSE A CUSTOMER. We have been dealing with this issue for way too long. This is ridiculous!!

End of Rant.


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,396 Contributor
    edited January 1 Jan 01, 2022

    Here is a page of contacts for CBS WKTR and users in this market can let the appropriate personnel, (station contact, management, engineering.) know about the problems with the Spectrum app on Apple TV:

    Whatever is being done is only a temporary fix and is not holding for customers in that market.


  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 148 Moderator
    Jan 01, 2022


    I'm sorry to hear about the app issues popping up for you again. We are aware of an intermittent issue with both the login and picture quality within our Spectrum TV app today. Our engineers seems to have resolved the issue currently, but if the feed is still giving you issues, please let us know.

  • dman71dman71 Posts: 20 Participant
    Jan 01, 2022

    Renee_T, the main problem is not login or picture quality, however, picture quality does suffer at times. The issue is with pixelating, studdering video and cut-outs quite often. The majority of the time when the issue occurs, the affiliate channel is totally unwatchable but when it's working well, the picture quality is very good.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,396 Contributor
    edited January 1 Jan 01, 2022


    Hopefully, the above contacts will be of help in monitoring this issue. I have some questions for everyone in this market struggling with CBS WTKR on the Spectrum app for Apple TV:

    1.) It was mentioned that this happens intermittently for over a year. Do you see a pattern to when this happens?

    A.) For example does it happen more often during the day, or at night? or randomly?

    B.) Is there a time (AM/PM) where this happens most often?

    C.) When the pixilation is really bad, and you reboot or restart the device, does that clear it temporarily or not? If it does clear temporarily, how long does it hold?

    D.) What is the longest and shortest you have gone from a quality picture to an unwatchable picture?

    E.) Do problems occur more often in hot or cold weather? After excessive rain or snow? Or does it seem to be random?

    2.) List the version and model of your Apple TV for reference please.


  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 148 Moderator
    Jan 02, 2022


    I apologize for any confusion. For us, picture quality issues would include pixilation, tiling, buffering or anything that would impact your ability to watch the channel, as opposed to just clarity or the feed coming in in SD instead of HD. Have you had any issues with the channel today?

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