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Continual intermittent service

toddinpaltoddinpal Posts: 1 Newcomer
in Connectivity Jan 08, 2022

Early last month our landscaper cut our cable line. Unfortunately we're not at that location for now so can't be there for a technician visit. After lots of calls to Spectrum support and supposedly several visits, we had service. Then we didn't have service, then we had service. Sometimes it's out for several days, other times it's out for minutes. There is no one in the house and nothing has changed or been disturbed inside and service had been completely reliable until the cable cut. I was told by the landscaper that the replacement cable is just sitting on the ground, which is fine, but indicated there were splices in the line. My guess is that there is a loose connection or a problem with the cable.

How do I get Spectrum to resolve this as they keep saying someone has to be on site and we're a 1000 miles away? Why does someone have to be present for outside issues?

Best Answer

  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 138 Moderator
    Jan 09, 2022 Accepted Answer

    Hello @toddinpal

    Welcome to our community! Someone 18 or over is needed to be home for appointments, both in case the technician needs inside to check for issues with inside wiring as well and to ensure they have access wherever is needed, but also as a liability measure. For example, if your neighbors know that you aren't at the home, but see the technician working on the line where it connects to the home, even with the Spectrum truck, they can mistake them for someone who shouldn't be there and it can create an unsafe situation for the technician.

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