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More Streaming Apps on my Cable Box

jurymanjuryman Posts: 28 Contributor
in TV Equipment Jan 08, 2022

I currently rent 2 cable boxes. Both Spectrum. One is a DVR box. Both boxes currently only have Netflix and Youtube as streaming apps.

How do I get more?

I have heard and seen on commercials that Spectrum subscribers have HBOmax, for example.

How are more apps added?

Best Answer

  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 138 Moderator
    Jan 09, 2022 Accepted Answer

    Hello @juryman

    We are in the process of rolling out additional apps for the cable boxes at this time. For stability reasons, they are being released in different markets at different time so we can monitor and resolve any issues with them before they are available nationwide.


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,384 Contributor
    Jan 08, 2022

    Hello @juryman,

    The apps are being rolled out to the new World Boxes, "no clock models) They may vary by box and market. Netflix (Billed through Netflix) HBO Max. (included if HBO is in your package) and You Tube.

    You must have HBO in your subscription plan to get HBO Max at no additional charge on Spectrum. If HBO Max is not on your box, you can sign in through Spectrum to get it online, mobilly, or install the HBO Max app on most Smart TV's.


  • jurymanjuryman Posts: 28 Contributor
    Jan 09, 2022

    @Satch I do subscribe to HBO and have HBO Max. Hence my point. It should be a selection in the Apps section. Both my boxes are World Boxes; no clocks.

    If Spectrum were smart, they should include all types of streaming apps on their boxes. This way you have one interface to all you subscribe to.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,384 Contributor
    Jan 09, 2022

    @juryman ,

    Sup? There will probably be more apps coming to the boxes in the future. The holdups have to do with licensing. Spectrum has to get a carriage agreement from each company and pay a fee to them to get the app. Same with conventional TV channels.

    For most customers (exceptions at this link) Peacock Premium is available for 12-months for free with a carriage agreement done by Spectrum and NBC Universal, See here: A plan to bring Peacock as a streaming app to World Boxes could also happen to expand carriage converage of the new service. However, Spectrum cannot just plop Apps down on devices without carriage agreements. Box hardware and guide types may also factor into an apps development. Because Spectrum World Boxes running the new Spectrum Guide are the latest CATV technology, they would be the first hardware to get the apps if agreements can be made within Spectrum and the host companies.


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