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Recording English Premier League games as a series

DrLDrL Posts: 4 Spectator
in TV Equipment Jan 15, 2022

For those EPL football fans, you know the games used to be on NBCSN (and occasionally a few other channels) until Jan 1, now they are on USA (and occasionally still a few other channels). I had a series set up to record the games when they were on NBCSN (which worked MOST of the time) and cannot seem to figure out how to set up a series for the new channel. Since it is well known that you cannot delete a series if there are no upcoming episodes, I cannot delete the old NBCSN series. When I go through the steps to set up a series record for the new USA channel games, it lets me do it but nothing shows up in the upcoming record schedule. It seems like it is confused about the old series versus the new one (and also the spanish broadcast on Universo). There are hundreds of games left in the season, how can I get the series set up? It's not practical to individually set up recordings.

Is there some way to wipe the DVR clean completely and start all over maybe? Why does my program information (using INFO) sometimes come up in spanish? Is that related to this problem?


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 56 Moderator
    Jan 15, 2022

    Hi @DrL, welcome to our community. What happens when you try to delete the series? Do you get an error message?

    As far as info coming up in Spanish I recommend going into your settings and making sure you have language set to English, I'm not sure what else could cause that. I'm not aware of any way to complete wipe the DVR, you are welcome to exchange the DVR at any Spectrum store.

  • DrLDrL Posts: 4 Spectator
    Jan 15, 2022

    There is no way to delete the series without any upcoming episodes to select and start the process from. That's another bug with this system.

  • DrLDrL Posts: 4 Spectator
    Jan 16, 2022

    So now when I look at the guide for tomorrow, Sunday 1/16, the EPL game that comes on at 9 a.m. on USA has the little red series record symbol next to it, but nothing shows up in the UPCOMING section of my DVR screen. I'll bet that it doesn't record it either.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,396 Contributor
    edited January 16 Jan 16, 2022


    Some program guides are intentionally set up to not record live sports events/games as a series. The reasons are below:

    Don't swap your box. This is not a box issue, and you never know the condition or type of box that you are going to get in an exchange.

    Can you set up individual recordings of EPL games? That is the only workaround that I can see for this issue.

    Gracenote/Neilson is the company that does the listings for the guides. However, some of the guide databases are intentionally not designed to record live games as a series for the following reasons:

    1.) Rain delays can cause problems with the reliability of live DVR sports broadcast.

    2.) Games can never be predicted to start and end on time. This makes series recording more cumbersome.

    3.) Older DVR boxes have smaller hard drive capacities that would literally fill up a 20 HD recording space with just a few games in a series recorded.Newer boxes can store up to 100 hours of programing.


  • DrLDrL Posts: 4 Spectator
    Jan 16, 2022

    Thanks Satch. A lot of that makes sense but I know you can record sports events as a series with other systems (Dish, DTV, etc.). I find a similar, related issue with Formula 1 motorsports coverage. Since ESPN took over the broadcast rights for this series they have decided to spread it over all their channels. For each weekend race they broadcast the 3 practice sessions, qualifying, race intro and the race itself on different channels. I have not been able to come up with a recording setup that makes sure to record all of these, no matter what channel they come on. I know that with DTV I could do this easily.

    The most frustrating part with Spectrum DVR is that it indicates it's going to record something (like this morning's EPL game). It shows up in the SCHEDULED events table. But then it doesn't actually record it!

    There are something like 380 EPL games remaining in the season. Not all are broadcast, but still you can see that setting up individual recording events is not practical.

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