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is it possible with a voice modem to add a router?

Ede_LuEde_Lu Posts: 9 Spectator
edited March 3 in Home Networking Feb 02, 2022

i see a space for four ethernet cables for an additional wireless router, but i read it’s not as simple as plugging everything in. there are certain settings that need to be configured to get these two things to work. none of the ethernet ports on the voice modem look particularly special. my settings don’t look like they allow for creating a guest network even via another router.


  • Heather_THeather_T Posts: 115 Moderator
    Feb 03, 2022

    Hello @Ede_Lu.

    Yes you can connect your own router to one of the available ethernet ports however, if you're currently using the WiFi built in the modem you would want to have that removed prior to installing your router. If that's left active and you connect an additional router you can run into quite a bit of interference and connectivity issues with your devices and networks.

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