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Unable to obtain IPv6 address via dhcp-pd

nightscapetechnightscapetech Posts: 2 Newcomer
edited April 5 in Connectivity Mar 06, 2022

In the past I was able to obtain a /56 IPv6 address block through my Time Warner Cable Business Class connection using DHCPv6 with Prefix Delegation (dhcpv6-pd). Now that we are on Spectrum I attempted to do the same thing, but have been unable to get a block of addresses.

After turning on dhcpv6 I was assigned a /64 which will not work for our environment as you cannot split a /64 into multiple subnets, and we have several separate networks here. After configuring prefix delegation on my router and requesting a /56, I was given a /128 as expected for routing the address block, but no additional block was issued by the Spectrum DHCPv6 server. I ran a packet capture while renewing the DHCPv6 lease, and saw that the response from Spectrum's DHCPv6 server is "NoPrefixAvail". I also attempted requesting a /60 instead, in case Spectrum was no longer offering /56's, but that recieved the same response code.

Is Spectrum no longer providing larger IPv6 blocks to customers, or should I reach out to support?


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 247 Moderator
    Mar 06, 2022

    Hi @nightscapetech, welcome to our community!

    Do you have static IP? If so I believe only IPv4 is supported but if not you should be able to get IPv6, though I am not sure about the prefixes/blocks. If anyone in the community knows more about this we would appreciate your input, but it may be best to contact our business support team at 1-866-892-4249.

  • nightscapetechnightscapetech Posts: 2 Newcomer
    Mar 07, 2022


    Yes, I have a static IPv4 block, does Spectrum offer static IPv6 blocks now as well?

    Thank you!

  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,493 ADMIN
    Mar 07, 2022

    We currently use a dual stack approach to IP addressing, so when you enable DHCP, you may get IPv6 or you may get IPv4. Since your static IP is IPv4, then subnetting will need to be dotted decimal (, etc).

    I'll leave this post open, in case there are any other Community members that can contribute, otherwise contacting either Business Support or your account manager is probably the best bet in this situation.

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