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Modem stuck in boot loop.

cokelimecokelime Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited April 27 in Connectivity Mar 28, 2022

The modem is ubee eu2251.

I got spectrum internet like a month ago, and connection was fine.

But last week I started to experience intermitted connection drops, like when I ping Google DNS servers, it returned connection timed out. So I called spectrum and they sent a tech to check the lines, the tech said that signal is good but he replaced the connectors just to make sure.

It didn't fix the problem, so I called again and another tech came and replaced the Hitron modem that I had before with this ubee modem, they seem to be the same model (2251).

Internet worked fine in the afternoon without any connection drops, but now it got disconnected and the modem just goes into this boot loop and stuck.

I also tried disconnect everything (coax and Ethernet) and only connect the power to modem, it still goes into the boot loop.

Do you think this modem is dead?

I called and got another tech scheduled for later, meanwhile should I go to the store and exchange for another modem?

video of the problem


  • Steph_SSteph_S Posts: 405 Moderator
    edited March 28 Mar 28, 2022

    Good morning @cokelime . I am very sorry for the trouble with your services. You can try swapping the modem at the local office. I provided the Store location link.

    I have also reached out to Field Ops team to look into this further as this would be your third appointment. They will follow up with you regarding this.

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