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Is anyone else having send issues again with Charter and Outlook... again?

FrustratedUser58FrustratedUser58 Posts: 5 Spectator
edited May 10 in Email Apr 08, 2022

They managed to keep their outgoing SMTP servers working with Outlook for a whole month before the issue started again. this time I'm getting error 0x800CCC6F. It just started happening a few hours ago and I know it's hopeless to talk to them tonight. Maybe tomorrow morning.

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  • FrustratedUser58FrustratedUser58 Posts: 5 Spectator
    Apr 10, 2022 Answer ✓

    Okay, I became so frustrated today with other functions on my Win 11 machine having issues I totally pulled McAfee security off my desktop. Guess what started functioning when I did? Yep, my printer which was only working after a total reset of my router, and then would stop working, AND my add to Outlook for my charter email account. I don't know what the moral of this post is but I'll say this. McAfee won't be reinstalled on my desktop any time soon. I'll find another way to over-protect myself from hackers and scammers.


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 247 Moderator
    edited April 8 Apr 08, 2022

    Hi @FrustratedUser58 ! Sorry to hear you are having trouble again.

    We can only provide limited support for 3rd party mail clients like Outlook. The most common cause of that error is a problem with your server settings. You can visit Spectrum Email Server Settings to verify you have Outlook correctly configured. If all these settings are correct you may want to remove the email account from Outlook and re-add it.

  • FrustratedUser58FrustratedUser58 Posts: 5 Spectator
    Apr 08, 2022

    All I can say about that is that my server settings have not changed and never do change but Charter is the only e-mail I have trouble with and it occurs on the regular. I'm just going to switch rather than fight now that I have an alternative for Charter internet. I'm done trying to deal with it after 20+ years of having their service.

  • Charter_UserCharter_User Posts: 4 Spectator
    Apr 09, 2022

    I tried the remove and re-add solution and was not able to re-add the account because it kept being rejected by the server. I am just as frustrated...I find it mind boggling that a solution is so elusive based on the fact that I have no issues with another provider.

  • FrustratedUser58FrustratedUser58 Posts: 5 Spectator
    edited April 9 Apr 09, 2022

    Yep, I'm stuck in that situation as well and I'm back to my workaround of forwarding my e-mails to another non charter e-mail and as Outlook doesn't object to gmail accounts I can still use outlook and maintain my history. However, unlike the last time this happened; I have been able to used a third part product like Firefox mail to access the charter account. Microsoft is of NO use trying to figure it out so I've given up. I'm migrating all of my e-mail business to another provider. My internet service will go next as soon as I can find another one to replace it.

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