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Ability to download cellphone statements

MKFAYMKFAY Posts: 12 Participant
edited May 10 in Spectrum Mobile Apr 12, 2022

I have both Spectrum internet and mobile, yet there is no option to download a statement from the mobile side. Since this can be done on the internet billing site, why would it be so difficult to offer the same feature for the cellphone invoices?



  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,493 ADMIN
    Apr 12, 2022

    Thanks for the feedback! We will pass it along for future consideration.

  • MKFAYMKFAY Posts: 12 Participant
    Apr 12, 2022

    In a chat session, the person told me that the only current solution is to do what amounts to a print screen. It's interesting that one division of a large corporation can't communicate with another division on how to implement a page to archive statements for future downloading or printing.

    The credit unions with which I have accounts offer that feature, so it's not as if it is a trade secret.

    Thank you for your reply, and I hope that the "future consideration" is soon.

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