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Call Guard User Interface Broken? - "You Have No Calls"

catchtwentytwocatchtwentytwo Posts: 67 Contributor
edited May 10 in Digital Phone Apr 12, 2022

I know this has been discussed in the past but those topics are now closed.

Since October 2021, our Call Guard user interface always shows "You have no calls". That makes it impossible to verify the product is active. We do have Nomorobo enabled but since that rings once when blocking, it is easy to tell when an unwanted call is received. We still get plenty of unwanted calls that ring four times and leave no voice mails.

My questions are:

  1. Can other users see their blocked calls?
  2. Is the Call Guard product actually working? If yes, why does the user interface remain broken?


  • catchtwentytwocatchtwentytwo Posts: 67 Contributor
    edited April 14 Apr 14, 2022

    I should add that we recently had a couple of calls that were showed as "Spam Risk" on the TV Caller ID. That hadn't happened for a while.

  • Paul_BPaul_B Posts: 575 Moderator
    Apr 14, 2022


    If you're seeing "Spam Risk" on your CID on TV, it does appear that the Call Guard is working as intended. As to your second question about the online interface, we are going to need to do some digging to see if this is normal for no calls to be displayed there. In the meantime, I will defer to the community to see if anyone has a different experience with that.


  • catchtwentytwocatchtwentytwo Posts: 67 Contributor
    Apr 14, 2022


    Thanks, I'd appreciate you reaching out to the Call Guard Team. Since Call Guard works silently (AKA doesn't ring once) I really want to be able to periodically review the blocked numbers list for errors.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,760 Contributor
    Apr 14, 2022

    Some information on Call Guard on the Internet-

    1.) When it first came out, it would block the same number multiple times a day and no other numbers.

    2.) It was not usable as a tool to see blocked calls, because Call Guard at the website never blocked anything.

    3.) Call Guard on TV started out aweful some years ago, but now it blocks 90% of what comes through. The problem is there is no record of blocked calls at the website.for Call Guard.

    4.) For me, Call Guard on TV works , but no record of blocked calls at the website.


  • catchtwentytwocatchtwentytwo Posts: 67 Contributor
    Apr 14, 2022

    Hi Satch:

    Thanks for confirming  you see the same issue of "no record of blocked calls at the web site .for Call Guard". And you are correct that the blocked list used to be update but around October 2021 began to block the same number multiple times a day and no other numbers. Then it gradually stopped showing anything. Without the list, there's no way to know if Call Guard has inadvertently blocked a legitimate caller.

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