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On Windows, is not working on any of my windows machines for the past week

dyungidyungi Posts: 1 Newcomer

On Windows, is not working on any of my windows machines for the past week. I'm stuck on a spinning wheel


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,571 Contributor
    Apr 13, 2022

    Welcome to the Community @dyungi!

    When you say " Watch is not working" on your Windows machines, what do you see when you go to the site? Can you log in to Spectrum TV.?

    We would recommend clearing all of your cookies in your affected browsers relating to Spectrum TV.. In addition to this, clear out all Spectrum, TWC/Time Warner Cable/BHN, Brighthouse Networks cookies Clear your cache as well on all browsers. Close all Windows, and reboot your machines. Now, try to log in with a fresh start.

    What versions of Windows are you running? What browsers are you using? Can you reproduce the issue on different browsers?


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