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Router PIN Issue

simgodflowerssimgodflowers Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited May 24 in Connectivity Apr 27, 2022

I just got the new Wifi 6 Router and my Windows 10 and Windows 11 laptops are asking for the Router WPS PIN for my network. All my older devices logged in correctly to the network with a password. Spectrum informs me that this router does not come with a PIN. So, any ideas on how to get the operating systems to revert to asking for a password instead of a PIN.

I have rebooted the router multiple times and tried to connect to the network while the router was powering up with no luck.

Any suggestion would be helpful.



  • Heather_THeather_T Posts: 114 Moderator
    edited April 28 Apr 28, 2022

    Hi @simgodflowers! Welcome to the Community.

    If you open up the WiFi Network settings on either of the laptops do you see an option that says something to the effect of "Connect using a security key or password instead" or an option to change the way the device connects to the router? Some Windows devices will default to WPS but you should have the ability to manually switch that to sign in using a password.


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