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Added Actor To Watchlist, But Episodes Don't Appear

smm2221smm2221 Posts: 18 Participant
edited June 7 in Channels & Programming Apr 29, 2022

I searched for HOLMES and selected HOLMES ON HOMES from the search results. From there I added MIKE HOLMES, ACTOR to my Watchlist. From my Watchlist I selected MIKE HOLMES, but NONE of his episodes are listed even though HOLMES ON HOLMES episodes are broadcast in a few days.

What's the point of adding him to the Watchlist if his episodes don't appear?


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,759 Contributor
    Apr 30, 2022

    Hello @smm2221 ,

    According to the Spectrum Guide info site:

    Watchlist: Displays all of the On Demand titles that you’ve saved for future viewing.

    Taken from:

    In your example, you we need to actually watch "Holmes on Holmes" and than choose to add those episodes to your watchlist for later viewing.


  • smm2221smm2221 Posts: 18 Participant
    Apr 30, 2022

    "In your example, you we need to actually watch "Holmes on Holmes" and than choose to add those episodes to your watchlist for later viewing."

    That is false.

    I did the same thing with Gordan Ramsay. I have NOT yet watched any of his shows. SOME, but NOT all of his shows that are being broadcast appear on the Watchlist when I select him.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,759 Contributor
    edited April 30 Apr 30, 2022

    Good morning @smm2221

    So sorry that you are having a lot of trouble and dislike with the new guide! Since this is a new box, perhaps some of the database shows have not yet fully populated. It can take a few days for all listings to populate on a new box install, because the information has to sync with the network servers.

    Try watching some shows for a week. Today is April 30, 2022. From Sunday May 1 to Saturday May 7, watch some shows and see how your watch list populates.

    How long did you have that old SA-8300 box? In my Time Warner market they don't give those out anymore. We don't even have the Passport Guide as an option. We run either the new Spectrum Guide or a guide software called ODN Navigator.

    @smm2221 are you in a former Time Warner Cable/Brighthouse Networks market, or a legacy Charter market.? I was thinking that since you like the Passport Guide system so much better, you could go to your local Spectrum office, and see if they have an older clock box that runs the Passport Guide. Maybe they could boot it up there just to see if it runs Passport?

    What is your zip code? We should try to find a Spectrum office for you that has the older clock box with Passport Guide on it. But they are really getting rare because the SA-units are so old. Just to ask, "Do you have any boxes in stock that don't run the new guide? Mention that you liked the legacy Passport guide so much better."


  • smm2221smm2221 Posts: 18 Participant
    May 04, 2022

    For now, I'm going to switch STBs with the one remaining legacy I have in a bedroom with the new one on the main TV so long as my ex-drive will work with it.

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