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Why do I receive the following message when trying to send email from spectrums webmail services ?

curboys465curboys465 Posts: 2 Spectator
edited June 7 in Email May 02, 2022

Your message was unable to be sent. Please check your network connectivity and try to send again. (Error: 4.2.0 ... temporary failure ) .


  • Randy_SRandy_S Posts: 336 Moderator
    May 02, 2022

    Good morning @curboys465 and welcome to the Spectrum Community!

    It sounds like the device you were using to check on your email might have lost its Internet connection. What type of device are you using? Is it running through a third party email software (like Outlook, Apple Mail, etc)?

    Also, you may try rebooting your device if the connection hasn't already restored.


  • curboys465curboys465 Posts: 2 Spectator
    May 02, 2022

    Hello Randy,

    Thanks for the response. I am using my company assigned laptop and accessing the website via the internet. Will add that my company uses a product called ZSCALER in place of VPN. Could this prevent me from sending email from spectrum's web mail ? If so, is there a solution for this ?



  • Randy_SRandy_S Posts: 336 Moderator
    May 02, 2022

    Hi and welcome back :)

    I can't say for sure but it is highly likely because any company software being used to control your laptops environment or monitor very well could be restricting access to email servers that are not its own. You could give your IT department's tech support and verify. Another "at home" kind of test is to try and access your email on a different device.

    Give those a shot and let me know how it goes.


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