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What is the new Voice Recognition Feature?

SatchSatch Posts: 4,770 Contributor
edited July 19 in Managing & Using your Spectrum Account Jun 18, 2022


I called Spectrum for some account information, and was informed by the automated response system of a new feature called Voice Recognition, which can be set up by the CSR, so that you don't have to remember your account security code. (Which is on your Spectrum billing statement.) Creating this thread for questions on this new feature. Here are mine:

1.) What exactly will this feature do if activated on a customers' account?

2.) Is there any special hardware or software needed on the customer's side to use this?

3.) Can a customer deactivate Voice Recognition if they do not like it?

4.) If activated, would this prevent other members of the same household from making changes to the account?

5.) If activated, can a customer, or member of the same household still call and get account issues resolved by providing his or her name/address as well as the statement security code?

I chose not to activate this feature at this time.


Best Answer

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 454 Moderator
    Jun 18, 2022 Answer ✓

    Hi @Satch !

    Great questions about our Voice ID service

    1) Voice ID will attempt to recognize your voice to pre-authorize you when you call in.

    2) No special hardware or software is needed, it is all on our end.

    3) You can deactivate at any time.

    4) Multiple authorized users can be enrolled.

    5) You can still manually authorize using the standard methods, this may be needed sometimes if the Voice ID is not able to recognize you due to background noise for example.

    You can find the answers to a few more commonly asked questions at our Voice ID FAQ

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