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New modem requires cable disconnect to restore service

GullLakeRiderGullLakeRider Posts: 3 Spectator
edited August 3 in Connectivity Jun 24, 2022

A couples days ago I installed the new modem Spectrum sent out. Last night Internet service went down for me and our neighbors. Rebooting the modem did not fix the service. Support had me disconnect the cable to reset the signal. That fixed it. Is this the fix now for the new modem? I cannot have this happen when I am away. I am probably going back to my own modem. It supported Docsis 3.0 and I was told by Support this would continue to work. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


  • RAIST5150RAIST5150 Posts: 863 Contributor
    edited June 24 Jun 24, 2022

    Alternatively, removing power for 5 or 10 minutes could have the same effect as well (long enough for power stored in capacitors and such to fade).

    A factory reset to defaults can sometimes resolve such issues as well. Some modems have an option in their menus to do it, others may require you to use the somewhat hidden physical button somewhere on the case (or both options may be available).

    I have found that often all is actually needed is to reboot things through the menus. This is much more manageable for me... so long as I am on the network, I can log in to the router and bounce it. II1f that fails, then I can bounce my modem. I can even remotely access my network through my routers VPN to do it, provided things are still online enough to get through. (I use a standalone Asus router and my own Netgear modem).

    But, I have only had to do this like... twice? Since I signed back up a few months ago.

    If this is happening more than once a month, like a lease renewal issue... may want a tech to come check the lines and such.

  • GullLakeRiderGullLakeRider Posts: 3 Spectator
    Jun 24, 2022

    I am concerned about trying to fix this remotely. I am gone frequently and rely on smart home devices to keep tabs on my place. I had no outage for 2 years on my old modem. I only made 2 days on the new one.

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 349 Moderator
    Jun 24, 2022

    Hi @GullLakeRider, welcome to our community!

    A basic reboot by removing the power cord and reconnecting it will fix most issues. Reconnecting the coaxial cable can be a useful additional step when a normal reboot does not help, and may be needed on rare occasions when using any modem, not just our new ones. It's extremely rare for any modem to run two years without needing to be reboot. If it went down for your whole area it's unlikely a problem with the modem itself was the cause of needing to reboot.

  • GullLakeRiderGullLakeRider Posts: 3 Spectator
    Jun 24, 2022

    Thank you for your reply. This is a seasonal house that I leave for 7 months of the winter. My old modem never failed and had to have the cable removed or even a power reset. I am concerned this happened after two days with the new modem. If I knew Spectrum made some change that caused this and it was a one time event I would not be too worried. But for now it seems like the best choice is to go back to my old modem.

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