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Anyone else having problems with Ring Splash?

mrskillet1mrskillet1 Posts: 6 Participant
edited August 3 in Digital Phone Jun 25, 2022

I called two days ago to get the "single ring" turned off when a call is redirected. Yesterday we did not get any "single rings". Spectrum called this a splash ring.

This morning the "single ring" was back. I called again and it the setting was on again. Only the Spectrum tech support can turn it off. I hope it stays off.

This is a problem with Charter Spectrum, not with Time Warner Spectrum. With Time Warner Spectrum, callers who are not in the Selected Callers list are not sent to voicemail. With Charter Spectrum, callers who are not in the Selected Callers list are sent to voicemail. The splash ring (a single ring on the phone) is sent to the subscriber unless tech support turns it off.


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 442 Moderator
    Jun 25, 2022

    Hi @mrskillet1

    Sorry to hear this got turned back on without your request, but glad you were already able to reach someone to turn it back off. Please let us know if this issue reoccurs.

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