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Can no longer reboot cable modem with My Spectrum app

Jeff_HJeff_H Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited August 3 in Troubleshooting the My Spectrum App Jun 25, 2022

This is the iOS version. Probably not a coincidence, but this seemed to start when Spectrum changed their billing system in November 2021. The app shows "Unknown" for Modem under Services, and the same under "Restart Equipment". I have called 3 or 4 times, had helpful people who consulted a higher tier support, who said they think they see what the issue is. They did something on their end, rebooted my modem, and said it should be fixed in a day or so. No luck each time, including reinstalling the app. This final time they said it was because I own my modem (ARRIS SB6190) and would not be an issue with a Spectrum-owned modem. It used to work with my own modem, but does not now. Maybe they were trying to get rid of me, maybe it is true with their new system.

Best Answer

  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 390 Moderator
    Jun 26, 2022 Answer ✓

    Hello @Jeff_H

    Welcome to our community! I apologize for any confusion with the My Spectrum app. Because of the way things are structured in our new system, the status information and remote reboot options are only guaranteed to show with Spectrum owned equipment. Some models of modems do still provide us status information and allow for the remote reboot through our app, but it's not something we're able to guarantee outside of our equipment.

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