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Why does the guide occasionally get the date of a show right, initially, then wrong?

ISavant02ISavant02 Posts: 5 Spectator
edited August 3 in TV Equipment Jun 28, 2022

When looking thru the Guide, i see the top "precis" line usually contains a date. hit the "Info" button and the show "Info" display shows, sometimes, a future and WRONG date.

eg. Murder by Contract, Ch 187, 2022-07-10 23:10, TV-PG, SD, 1958

but when displayed in the "Info" page shows "1963".

PLUS ... going back to the Guide has the date at 1963. until the Guide App is restarted.

being and old, retired developer, i can imagine how this happens, but probably should let the Dev team at <Spectrum? Humax?> work it out.

my DVR's info:  


Model: Spectrum 200

Application Name       SGUI

Application Version    3.0.3

Last Modified          2021-03-16

Platform Version       2.16.0

Accepted Answers

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,647 Contributor
    Jun 30, 2022 Answer ✓


    Gracenote is the company that does the video listings. I would first suggest a cold reboot of the cable box, just to make sure that any data updates can be downloaded.

    I known exactly what @ISavant02. is talking about. About six years ago, we had some movies on our guide that would show the right year on the time grid. but if you pressed info or did a keyboard search for the movie in question, it would be off by a year. Or sometimes even show a DVD release year for a very old 50 year old movie. This was on the ODN Guide platform. It took a long, long time to modernize the database for movie years, but about two years ago, the movie data on the Time Grid and the movie data in the search is exactly correct.

    Begin by Google Searching, "What guide do I have? Spectrum." One of the first results will be a page where you can enter your street address for your service area. Than you can see the name of your program guide.

    Send an email to the following:

    [email protected]

    In your email mention:

    1.) Spectrum as your CATV provider

    2.) Your state, city, and zip code

    3.) Your Guide version from the Google Search results above.

    4.) Description of the listing errors like you have above.

    Hopefuly, this will get the listings corrected. Gracenote should, (knock on wood) contact Spectrum if they need to work together to correct these listing errors if they can't do this on their own.

    Note- For best results, the movie or show with the incorrect data should be in the listing's database for the CATV guide you are using at the time you are reporting the error(s.)


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,647 Contributor
    Jun 30, 2022 Answer ✓

    @ISavant02 ,

    Good afternoon. As requested [email protected] is the email address for Gracenote. I know It looks strange with the two "@" symbols but it is a consolidated company Gracenote-Nielson. They not only do the listings for Spectrum, but for many TV vendor providers around the country.


  • ISavant02ISavant02 Posts: 5 Spectator
    Jul 01, 2022 Answer ✓

    hmmm ... i cannot find an email client (Apple, Outlook, various web clients) that will accept 2 "@" symbols in an email absent any quotes.

    elsewhere you have suggested:

    Contact email for them is here: [email protected]

    i'll try that, next.


  • Tyleen_ZTyleen_Z Posts: 487 Moderator
    Jun 28, 2022

    Hello, and welcome to the Spectrum Community.

    The information in the guide is given to us by the channels. We do not have control over the information in the guide and information.


  • ISavant02ISavant02 Posts: 5 Spectator
    Jun 29, 2022

    The application does, however have control of how that information (and what information) is displayed in the guide and information screens. they are occasionally not in agreement and/or wrong.

    i brought this situation to the Forum in the hopes that it might get forwarded to an appropriate Development team.

  • Tyleen_ZTyleen_Z Posts: 487 Moderator
    Jun 29, 2022

    The app and the guide on the cable boxes would have the same information. We do not have a way to alter or change the information in any way. So the information there is from the channels.

  • ISavant02ISavant02 Posts: 5 Spectator
    Jun 29, 2022

    The Info App and the Guide App on the cable boxes obviously have the same information. it's just that they are each displaying some information as a "date". each one seems to use a different field in <whatever guide database> is available to the cable box. i would rather they use the same, correct, date.

    more examples:

                                                   Guide  Info

                                                  Initial Detail

    7/11 03:15     Claire's Knee                  1970   1971   

    7/11 13:30     Lafayette Escadrille           1958   1993   

    7/11 15:15     The Golden Arrow               1964   1963 *

    7/11 22:00     Bikini Beach                   1964   2000   

    7/12 00:30     The In Crowd                   1988   2014   

    7/12 04:00     Get Yourself a College Girl    1964   1965   

    7/12 05:30     Having a Wild Weekend          1965   2019

    7/12 09:00     Stars in My Crown              1950   2013   

    *- oddly backwards.

    if both (all?) Apps used the same date field in the <guide schema>. the observed corruption of internal data structures would be moot.

  • ISavant02ISavant02 Posts: 5 Spectator
    Jun 30, 2022

    @Satch ... you say:

    [email protected]

    doesn't make sense. clarify, please?

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,647 Contributor
    Jul 01, 2022

    Oh Man!

    I am so sorry! @ISavant02 I don't know what I was thinking! Yes! [email protected] is correct! Mods, if you could correct any posts with the double @ and change the "Answer" by making the Answer unmarked. I can't believe I did that! So stupid of me!

    I have added the [email protected] to my email contacts so if anyone wants that to report listing errors, I can provide it. Or mods can simply add that email address to the information database if @ISavant02 gets his listings corrected through them.

    Please let us know what they say!



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