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T3 time out 16 times errors interruption

blakeeinhornblakeeinhorn Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited August 3 in Connectivity Jul 04, 2022

Hello I am getting lots of time out errors in the last week which is leading to disconnects of a few seconds or more every few hours. I am using a customer owned modem. Arris Sb6183. I had the same issue fall 2021 and they came out and changed a line inside my apartment which fixed the problem until now.

i am not sure what steps need to be taken to solve the issue

16 consecutive T3 timeouts while trying to range on upstream channel 1

Unicast Maintenance Ranging attempted - No response - Retries exhausted:

Started Unicast Maintenance Ranging - No Response received - T3 time-out;CM-


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 349 Moderator
    Jul 04, 2022

    Hi @blakeeinhorn, welcome to our community!

    I'm sorry for the trouble with your internet. I do see where your modem was timing out, however currently the signal strength is healthy and I'm not seeing any dropped packets. I recommend making sure the coaxial cable is firmly connected to the modem and wall outlet. If the issue returns the next step would be to schedule another appointment with a technician for further testing and repairs.

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