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I can't connect to certain game servers on my Xbox. Where is the connection issue? Ran traceroute

samnesheimsamnesheim Posts: 2 Spectator
edited August 9 in Connectivity Jul 09, 2022

I'm trying to play Overwatch on my Xbox and keep getting disconnected from the servers. I've never had this issue in the last few years and have tried everything from restarting and reinstalling the game, resetting the router, and just waiting it out. I ran a traceroute as recommended by the internet and these are the results. Everything I'm reading indicates that issue at step number 5 is an ISP issue. Any suggestions? Spectrum are you able to fix this?


traceroute to (, 15 hops max, 60 byte packets

 1 ( 0.980 ms 1.834 ms 1.827 ms

 2 ( 1.792 ms 1.806 ms 1.802 ms

 3 ( 0.392 ms 0.411 ms 0.411 ms

 4 ( 311.527 ms 311.541 ms 311.541 ms

 5 * * *

 6 ( 7.513 ms 7.173 ms 7.147 ms

 7 ( 5.300 ms 5.344 ms 5.338 ms

 8 ( 53.156 ms 53.163 ms 53.199 ms

 9 ( 45.349 ms 45.297 ms 45.415 ms

10 ( 45.296 ms 45.457 ms 45.472 ms

11 ( 58.301 ms 58.399 ms 58.360 ms

12 ( 234.132 ms 234.155 ms 234.218 ms

13 ( 71.925 ms 71.873 ms 71.900 ms

14 ( 72.756 ms 71.844 ms 71.387 ms



  • Paul_BPaul_B Posts: 505 Moderator
    Jul 09, 2022

    Hello @samnesheim and Welcome to the Spectrum Community!

    When you lose connection to the Overwatch servers, do you happen to notice if the connection as a whole has gone out? Are you having any other issues with the connection?

    I took a look at your traceroute. Hop 5 doesn't necessarily indicate a problem. This router is just likely not responding to ICMP traffic such as a traceroute. Routers will typically do this in order to concentrate on more high priority traffic such as gaming and streaming traffic.

    Please let us know.


  • samnesheimsamnesheim Posts: 2 Spectator
    Jul 09, 2022

    Hi Paul,

    As far as I know the internet connection throughout the rest of the house is fine including on my phone and computer. This also doesn't happen for any other online game, specifically Overwatch. There have been no other connection issues on any device, including streaming video on the Xbox or playing other games

  • RAIST5150RAIST5150 Posts: 863 Contributor
    edited July 10 Jul 10, 2022

    That 5th hop is still in Blizzard's networks, and as mentioned is likely locked down against responding to ICMP ECHO requests (that trace was done from Blizzard's end)

    It looks like the hop potentially with the highest utilization/congestion factor is actually on Blizzard's end (the one with 311ms response time).

    Some things to ponder...

    Is this only a fairly a recent problem, or something more long term/ongoing? If a recent development, does it perhaps coincide with anything noteworthy? (IE bad storm system moved through or some accident occurred--things that may have caused power issues). Is it something that started occurring with the advent of a heat wave? Is there any discernable pattern to when the problem occurs (foul weather, hottest days, increased traffic either on your network or in the neighborhood in general , someone using a microwave nearby...)?

    Basically, trying to make note of anything that may be consistently related to help focus in on specific things that may have an impact on stability.

    Are ports opening/forwarding properly so that your network test comes up with a good NAT rating (too restrictive means a risk of important inbound communication getting blocked). May need to verify that UPnP is enabled properly if you are not manually setting port forwarding rules in your router.

    Have you tried powering down and removing power from your network AND the console for an extended period (at least 10 minutes) in an effort to drain capacitors, effectively flushing caches and possibly causing IP address change on your modem (the IP change may need a long down time, perhaps leave it unplugged overnight or something).

    Have you tried capturing the address of the server you are actually connecting to and running ping/trace tests towards that address? (You may be able to capture this connection info with network tools in your router, if you use your own router)

    Can you try connecting to different servers? (Never played overwatch, but in some games, you can connect to different regions).

    Have you tested when running through a VPN or similar service like WTFAST (if that is an option... not everyone can do a VPN through their router or slingshot a console through a laptop or PC) and if so, does it mitigate things at all?

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