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Unable To Log In (Legacy Brighthouse account)

BarticusBarticus Posts: 9 Spectator
edited August 18 in My Spectrum App Jul 13, 2022

Decided to share this in case other legacy Brighthouse customers are experiencing the same problems.

Noticed the Spectrum app on Roku would not automatically log in last night. Tried the Spectrum TV app on my phone. Got an error DLI-1012. Tried the My Spectrum app on my phone and got IDID-3107. Tried using my laptop and got the same IDID-3107 error. This happens occasionally and usually starts working again within a few minutes. Passwords are saved in the apps, so it's not a case of typing the wrong password. I have two accounts, so I tried the second and was able to log in without any problems, so it's not a connectivity problem. Note: the second account is not legacy Brighthouse and there are clearly differences. Chatted with support who wanted me to reinstall apps. To go along with their script, I cleared the cache and cookies in the browser. Still the same error. He refused to do anything else unless I followed his instructions to reinstall apps. It is now 13 hours later and it is still happening.

Disconnected my phone from Wifi so that it was only using cellular network and got the same errors for both apps. Decided to reset the password on the account and still the same errors on all apps/platforms. Called Spectrum and talked to a very nice and helpful agent. She actually listened to all of the troubleshooting I performed and did some searching. Said it is a known problem and that it should be resolved soon. Try again later this afternoon. BTW, she also noticed the signal levels at my house were not good and scheduled a tech to come out. This may account for some problems, but does not explain why I get the same errors while on a cellular network. It's clearly a problem with authentication for this account on the Spectrum side.

I will provide an update when something happens.


  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 396 Moderator
    Jul 13, 2022

    Hi @Barticus! Sorry for the trouble signing in.

    Even though though you are not having connectivity issues and have the same issue on mobile data, the modem is partially responsible for authorization in the app so problems with it can cause login issues elsewhere. If you have not already I do recommend reinstalling the app and rebooting your modem.

  • BarticusBarticus Posts: 9 Spectator
    Jul 13, 2022

    Modem was rebooted during my call with Spectrum and did not change anything. I'm going to tighten all of my physical cable connects ...

  • BarticusBarticus Posts: 9 Spectator
    edited July 13 Jul 13, 2022

    If authentication is dependent on being able to talk to the modem, that makes sense as a likely cause. I tightened all of the cable connections up to the box in the ground and rebooted the modem. Since I cannot log in, is there some other way for me to check the modem status? And how long after fixing the signal and rebooting the modem does it take for the system to recognize the modem?

    BTW, internet and TV through DVR have continued working fine through all of this. (I understand the DVR works independently of the modem.)

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 396 Moderator
    Jul 15, 2022

    The connection to the modem looks healthy to me at the moment, but what we can test remotely is more limited than what our technician can test. I am seeing maintenance work scheduled that may need to be completed, but if the login issue is caused by signal problems, you should be able to log in as soon as the signal problem is corrected.

  • BarticusBarticus Posts: 9 Spectator
    Jul 16, 2022


    Tech came yesterday afternoon and replaced all connectors up to the modem. Said all signal levels were at 100%. Then he explained the problem is actually upstream and not something he can fix. He said he would put in a ticket for someone to find and fix the problem.

    We are now at 3 days without streaming and unable to log in.

  • BarticusBarticus Posts: 9 Spectator
    Jul 16, 2022

    Day 4

    Checked with a neighbor who also has Spectrum. They do not have the problem I'm having. If it was a problem with this cable branch, they would probably have the same problem. Now starting to suspect the modem itself is bad.

    Checking with Spectrum support. Took nearly an hour to go through the process of getting semi-useful information. They remotely checked signal levels - all good. Apparently there was no ticket created for the line in my neighborhood. They asked the same questions I've answered numerous times about the errors. After a lot of waiting, they finally said it's a known problem with no anticipated date for resolution. Agent said to refer to the problem as "known issue causing IDID-3107 ( and Spectrum TV - DLI-1012".

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