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ultra internet speeds

maximusmaximus Posts: 20 Contributor
in Connectivity Jul 24, 2022

My spectrum app saying my internet speed is 500mbps, I am getting the old ultra internet speed of 400 mbps and 20mbps upload, I called today they told me that the 400 mbps is the ultra 500 mbps plans, I should be getting 500 mbps down and 20 mbps up?


  • Lyn_TLyn_T Posts: 27 Moderator
    Jul 24, 2022

    Good afternoon and Hello @ maximus

    Thank you for reaching out to us about the Speed increase to our Spectrum Ultra internet option. The increase is currently only being completed on new and upgrading orders. The speed increase for those that already had Ultra has not been released yet. You will receive notification once the increase is available for your account. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • RAIST5150RAIST5150 Posts: 863 Contributor
    edited July 25 Jul 25, 2022

    Would note that it won't just automatically increase throughput... the modem will need to at least be rebooted, possibly even reset.

    The rollout just took off a few weeks ago, but they are coming... just got my boost from 200 to 300 last week.

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