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Latency issues in games

ApereliApereli Posts: 5 Spectator
edited July 25 in Connectivity Jul 25, 2022


I have noticed some latency issues in the multiplayer games that I frequently play. My gaming PC is wired directly to a switch, which is connected directly to the router. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps that I've tried:

1.    Power down router, modem, and networking switch for ~5 mins before powering back on

2.    Run 'ping localhost -t' on my gaming PC to confirm that there are no issues with the NIC

3.    Run 'ping -t' on my gaming PC to confirm that there are no issues between the PC and the router

4.    Performed some traceroute tests to different Rocket League servers, as well as Google and I have attached the results to this post. None of the results seem to be particularly alarming, however the worst times do seem to get pretty bad. I know that doesn’t mean much, though, since a packet only has to perform poorly one time to show up in the worst column.

5.     Opened the network graph in Rocket League to confirm that latency is spiking on a constant basis. See screenshot below.

6.    Opened the network graph in Battlefield 4 and noticed that latency was consistently low, but packet loss would spike to 3.3-10%

Are there any additional troubleshooting steps that you would recommend to find the root cause of these latency issues?



Best Answer

  • ApereliApereli Posts: 5 Spectator
    Jul 25, 2022 Answer ✓

    The issue is related to the switch that I was using on my network. The switch was not powerful to handle the traffic when there was a large amount of data flowing to one device connected to said switch.

    Thank you to the Spectrum Support staff for assisting.


  • ApereliApereli Posts: 5 Spectator
    Jul 25, 2022

    Rocket League Game Server #1

    Rocket League Game Server #2

  • Steph_SSteph_S Posts: 435 Moderator
    Jul 25, 2022

    Good afternoon and welcome to the community.

    Thank you for providing this information. After running further diagnostics, I am not seeing any signal issues. Is it possible to bypass the router, reboot the modem and re-run the test to see if the issue is still occurring?

  • ApereliApereli Posts: 5 Spectator
    Jul 25, 2022

    Hi Steph,

    I tried to do that last night, and didn't have any luck getting my PC to grab a public IP. Turns out the trick was to reboot the modem after connecting to the PC. :)

    The latency seemed to be stable going directly from my PC into the modem. I am going to test again later this evening when it's a "peak time" just to confirm, but this likely means that there's an issue with my networking hardware.

    If everything continues to run smoothly when I test again later this evening, I'll mark your comment as the solution.


  • Steph_SSteph_S Posts: 435 Moderator
    Jul 25, 2022

    Sounds good, thank you for the update. If you need any further assistance just let us know.

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