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SIM Card Lock PIN

TopgunTechnologyTopgunTechnology Posts: 1 Newcomer
in Spectrum Mobile Aug 01, 2022

This setting on my factory unlocked Galaxy S21 is toggled OFF. I wanted to enable this feature so I toggled it ON and was presented with a screen to "Enter your current SIM card PIN, 3 attempts left". I never set one up so thought maybe it was my phone's screen lock PIN which didn't work. Read that Samsung's default SIM card lock PIN is 1234 which didn't work either. With one attempt remaining I called Spectrum Mobile support and after advanced consultation with senior support staff they don't have a default PIN but that I could try 0000 (or last 4 digits of SIM card# or mobile#). After a third failed PIN entry I was told I would need a new SIM card so I opted not to try it. Anyone run into this before? Please and thank you!

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