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Channels that should be in HD, but aren't!

Lxman1Lxman1 Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited September 7 in Channels & Programming Aug 04, 2022

There are a few channels that should be in HD but they are not. Reelz channel (619) is available in HD from all other providers in the area except Spectrum. AHC and Military History channel (486&487) should also be available in HD, but are not on Spectrum. Now with the new version of Live PD (On Patrol Live) on Reelz, it really stinks to have to watch in in the downsized, Low Def res picture.

Please step up and get with the times on HD programming. Thank you.


  • Paul_BPaul_B Posts: 577 Moderator
    Aug 04, 2022

    Hello @Lxman1 and welcome to our community!

    All of those channels should be available in HD. How are you accessing the content? Are you using our app? Or are you using a regular cable set top box?


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,770 Contributor
    Aug 04, 2022

    I have a couple of channels on my box that are like that. I will double check tonight, but I am pretty sure that HBO West Feeds are in SD. Even on the ODN Guide they are listed as SD programing I don't use the app or the Spectrum TV website so I can't comment on that.

    @Lxman1 what is your channel package level? (For CATV service)


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,770 Contributor
    Aug 04, 2022

    I just checked,

    I am in the Metro-Milwaukee Wisconsin division, and all of my HBO West Coast feed channels, even as indicated on ODN guide are in SD. Could that have something to do with the time delay difference as to why they are in SD?

    I have not checked any other channels. I know Spectrum does not compress or downsize the quality of its channels. It has to be something with how the host channel is sending the feed to Spectrum.

    If people are concerned about this, I would contact the stations that aren't broadcasting in HD on Spectrum through social media. Twitter, Facebook, or their website. Let them know that Spectrum is your CATV provider, the channels that are not in HD, and the zip code for your area. If you have a camera or a video phone, and can send an attachment to illustrate, that would be helpful so that they can see what is happening.

    Remember that older movies and sitcoms from the 50's-90's probably won't be in HD.No one can change that.


  • HT_GreenfieldHT_Greenfield Posts: 155 Contributor
    edited August 6 Aug 06, 2022

    Some channels are originated only in SD and Military History is, unfortunately, one of them. AHC & Reelz are originated in both HD & SD so distributors can relay either or both but i’m unaware of any non-broadcast-affiliation channels available in HD that Spectrum relays exclusively in SD here in my zone. Reelz is relayed exclusively in HD while AHC is relayed in both HD as well as SD by Spectrum here in my zone.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,770 Contributor
    Aug 07, 2022

    Sup @HT_Greenfield ?

    Yes, like with Military History, (I have the Silver Plan, don't know if that is in my package) but I know that they show old war footage a lot that they can't convert to HD. Regular History Channel might be in HD when they can show affiliated programs that are convertible.

    Do you have HBO in your service plan @HT_Greenfield? Do you think the West Coast time difference, with me in the Midwest would make a difference in the feed? Most of their transfers are beautiful in HD.

    The one strong exception is HBO Max's showing of the classic film "The Hitcher." It's a very poor SD, print and you guys will be shocked at how bad it looks! Nothing wrong with your TV, or the Spectrum app, or through the Spectrum TV website. I confirmed with HBO that they only have a horrible copy of that movie.

    Years ago when SD sets were still the thing, (Been with cable since 1985) I remember seeing an SD version of the film on HBO and it looked very good, by SD standards. One wonders did the print get damaged in some way?

    Internet research shows that a new HD restoration of The Hitcher is coming out! Hopefully HBO Max gets the rights to that film. The point of discussing this film print is to show that sometimes the studios can send stations poor quality prints of films and series.


  • HT_GreenfieldHT_Greenfield Posts: 155 Contributor
    Aug 08, 2022

    Nothin’ but the house rent, @Satch . Thanks for asking! I’ve only been talking about the constant encoded/modulated DTV format used by/for these channels without any regard to programming qualities thereof or any scaling or conversion at play between the Spectrum receiver and TV. Thanks for bringing that up. So, again, Military History is originated only in 480i SD so that’s presumably the only format it would be redistributed in by any cable or satellite redistributor, anywhere. I also need to correct what i said about Reelz here in my zone. It’s modulated in its native original 720p HD format by one channel as well as 480i SD on another which i didn’t realize because i’d had “tune HD” enabled when i thought i didn’t. 

    Speaking of “tune HD,” it doesn’t necessarily always work for all channels! E.g. Spectrum’s SD iteration channel of The Weather Channel does NOT tune the HD signal of their HD channel of The Weather Channel with “tune HD” enabled on either Spectrum Guide or i-Guide receivers here in my zone. Which could easily lead people to believe they ONLY have it in SD! 

    I’m not subscribed for HBO so the demodulation is blocked but according to the channel names and program labeling in both i-Guide and Spectrum Guide as well as the more comprehensive channel descriptors that can be found in i-Guide, it’s clear that Spectrum carries both East & West feeds for each of 7 different channels all in HD for 14 HBO HD channels in all. On top of that, they carry eight more channels that are SD iterations of eight of the 14 HBO HD channels. (You generally can’t distinguish SD iterations unless “tune HD” is disabled, of course.) One of my relatives has Showtime via Spectrum and all of the multiple East & West feeds come in via HD fine. I think all of this just goes to show how so many things can be so different from one region to another. 

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