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Service outages

Mp1925Mp1925 Posts: 6 Spectator
edited August 12 in Community Follow Up Aug 05, 2022

For the past several months I have been having repetitive service outages. The outages are in my area and not in my home specifically. It is getting very frustrating to constantly receive messages that my service is out. I would like to know what is causing this and what is being done to permanently fix the problem before I have to look at other providers for a solution.


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,647 Contributor
    Aug 05, 2022

    Welcome to the forum @Mp1925!

    Sorry about these outages! What services do you have from Spectrum? And what services go out?

    When you call in to report the outage, does voicemail tell you that there is an outage?

    How long do the outages last? Or is it random?

    Have you called in to get credit for the outages?

    Have any of the outages been related to bad weather?

    How often do you have outages due to bad weather?

    Do you know if neighbors are having the same problems? Are they reporting the issues?

    A moderator might request that you send a PM to the Spectrum Forum Help portal to get more information about your account and your area to see what is happening.

    Several months of repetitive outages should definitely not be happening. There might be something in your specific node that needs investigation that keeps breaking down. Please post back with answers to the above questions,



  • Mp1925Mp1925 Posts: 6 Spectator
    Aug 06, 2022

    I only have internet and have had it for many many years.

    Usually I get a service outage text at the time or right around the time it goes out. See attached.

    the outages usually last 1-4 hrs.

    I asked for a credit but they told me it had to be out for more than 4 hrs at a time.

    Weather does not seem to be a factor. Have had it happen on sunny days.

    All of my neighbors with spectrum have been having the same problem.

    I have called in and I was told that it may be due to the heat. I work for an internet provider, not in my area where I live, and heat has no factor in our service.

    As I stated earlier I’ve had the service for many many years and it has been fine. For the last several months it has been nothing but a problem and it doesn’t seem like anyone can get a permanent fix.

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 349 Moderator
    Aug 06, 2022

    Hi @Mp1925, welcome to our community!

    I'm very sorry for the trouble with your service. I was able to locate your account and I do see there have been an unusually high number of interruptions in your area recently. Unfortunately an exact cause is not always determined or provided to us. I see at least one recent outage was caused by a power outage in the area, even if you did not lose power in your home if there is any power loss where we have network infrastructure it can cause our service to go down. Other common causes of outages include weather related damage such as lightning strikes and falling branches/trees, but also things like damage from wildlife (squirrels!), digging/construction, car accidents, and vandalism.

    Even though individually none of these outages was longer than 4 hours, due to the large number of them I have applied a credit to cover two weeks of service charges which you will see deducted from your next statement.

  • Mp1925Mp1925 Posts: 6 Spectator
    Aug 08, 2022

    And yet another day and another service outage. My service is out again even though it was just restored a couple days ago. I am demanding answers as to why this continues to happen! It is unacceptable that my service cannot be more reliable than to go out every couple days for hours at a time.

  • Randy_SRandy_S Posts: 336 Moderator
    Aug 08, 2022

    I do genuinely apologize for the frustration and can certainly empathize with wanting to know the cause. We aren't usually told the causes but I am going to private message you from our Community_Help handle to verify your account info. I can check on this interruption and we can see if I can find out more answers for you.

    Expect that in the next five minutes or so.


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