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Pre Season Football

CanedakCanedak Posts: 3 Spectator
edited September 20 in Channels & Programming Aug 13, 2022

Why are we not receiving any pre season NFL football games here in Citrus Count Florida when they are listed in the daily t v sports section of our news paper to be on ABC and NFL channels that we have on our list of stations on our spctrum account

Accepted Answers

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,687 Contributor
    Aug 13, 2022 Answer ✓

    Welcome to the forum @Canedak!

    Spectrum has no control over programing content. They only get the rights to broadcast the stations and do box/DVR rentals. You must reach out to your stations in your local Florida area. Best is through social media, and inquire why the football games are not being shown in your market.

    If you have having channel reception problems, Spectrum looks for issues in your area or node that are known. Following that, would be a tech dispatch to your home to check your signals, wiring, and drop line. Equipment swaps won't solve bad wiring and signal issues. If signals lines and wiring are OK, the tech will replace the equipment.


  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 328 Moderator
    Aug 14, 2022 Answer ✓

    Hi @Canedak!

    I just wanted to let you know that if you are watching through the Spectrum TV app, we have had some issues with the NFL Network airing incorrect content. We are working with them to get it resolved, but right now as a work around, you can sign in to the NFL Network app with your Spectrum login to access the correct games that way.

  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,687 Contributor
    Aug 20, 2022 Answer ✓

    Sup @TBarclay ? Everyone?

    Does @Renee_T 's workaround suggestion from above work for you?

    "As a work around, you can sign in to the NFL Network app with your Spectrum login to access the correct games that way."



  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 396 Moderator
    Aug 13, 2022

    Hi @Canedak, welcome to our community!

    Are you unable to view ABC or NFL channel, or are they just not playing the content you would like to see?

  • CanedakCanedak Posts: 3 Spectator
    Aug 14, 2022

    Hey Renee_T Thanks for the Info. got it all back streaming with that good information

  • CanedakCanedak Posts: 3 Spectator
    Aug 14, 2022

  • TBarclayTBarclay Posts: 1 Newcomer
    Aug 20, 2022

    I’m having the same issue! Every time I try to watch a pre-season NFL game on NFL Network, I get “alternate” programming (football documentaries primarily). This is the case on cable AND on the app and has been this way for two weekends now!!

  • HT_GreenfieldHT_Greenfield Posts: 75 Contributor
    Aug 22, 2022

    Hi there, @TBarclay . The NFL Network pre-empts their live game coverage in the broadcast markets of both teams at hand so as not to conflict with the broadcast coverage by the applicable major network affiliates in each of those markets. NFL Network live game coverage is, in fact, a simulcast of such in-market coverage of the home team.

    It would be interesting to know if you are experiencing this issue with games that don't fall into this category. If NFL Network is now pre-empting their live game coverage in other markets as well, i'd wonder how coincidental that would be now that they're promoting their NFL+ streaming service, right there on NFL Network!

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