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Why do I have consistent and constant issues with the menu via Roku?

TaskyTasky Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited September 2022 in Spectrum TV App Feedback for ROKU Aug 30, 2022

I have had consistent issues with the Spectrum app menu. Either it is slow to pop up on the screen OR Scrolling is sticky OR once program is selected the channel selection pops to another channel. There are options within your menu such as favorites. Once the main menu is brought up pressing the select button on Roku/TCL remote either doesn’t select “favorites” or just pops off. It takes me several tries to make this work. Considering we all live with sophisticated technology today I find it unbelievable Charter Spectrum can not get their streaming service right! And when I’ve spoken to community services either Spectrum passes the buck to Roku or TCL. This is your app not theirs. If it is supposed to work via Roku then it should work! So far the ONLY TV I have witnessed the service work on is Samsung. I’m not sure why Spectrum even bothers with a streaming service if they can’t make it work across the board. I pay monthly for shoddy service at best. STOP PASSING THE BUCK AND FIX THE ISSUE. Your updates a useless. Get it together Spectrum!

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  • Lyn_TLyn_T Posts: 74 Moderator
    Aug 30, 2022

    Good evening @Tasky and Welcome to our Community Forums.

    Thank you for reaching out to us in regards to the Spectrum TV App. I am very sorry you have encountered the concerns using your Roku with our App. I am not sure what troubleshooting steps you have already completed. We have some suggestions for troubleshooting If these recommendations don't help please let us know.


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