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Phishing E-Mails

jeremy1069jeremy1069 Posts: 14 Participant
edited November 2022 in Email Nov 01, 2022

I get a lot of these, on a regular basis in my E-Mail account. It's fake E-Mails pretending to be Spectrum sending a bill. It's laughably obvious that it's not Spectrum (So many things misspelled) but they're attaching things that don't look safe. I know better, but some people might not. Might want to look into it, especially the E-Mail addresses they are coming from.

I always mark these as "Spam" but they still come. Someone seems to send these in bulk, along with other Spam E-Mails. I did an IP search and they seem to originate from Russia.



  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,944 ADMIN
    Nov 01, 2022

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention and the attention of other customers!

    We'll leave this post open incase anyone else has seen the same emails.

  • Randy_SRandy_S Posts: 463 Moderator
    Nov 01, 2022

    HI @jeremy1069 . Just to tag on here....

    Marking them spam is the most direct way to inform our system to start flagging those IP addresses and other various tidbits of information. That said, you do have knowledge about this so check out our support page on how to report online abuse. It's not just for phishing emails but you said they were coming in bulk sometimes so that may be another way to help us block them.

    Scammers are the worst. Glad you are here and took the time to post this.


  • Tom63010Tom63010 Posts: 37 Contributor
    Nov 03, 2022

    Forward them to [email protected] Spectrum can definitely trace down a or phishing or spam email and stop them.

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