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spectrum gig issue with spectrum ax router

maximusmaximus Posts: 22 Contributor
edited December 2022 in Connectivity Nov 12, 2022

My internet speed is the gig internet from spectrum, when I connected to to spectrum ax router I will get half of the speed thru a wired connection, but if I connected to my own router that i brought i will get full speed of 940 mbps and 40 mbps, the modem is the 2,5g ubee modem that spectrum send me?


  • Renee_TRenee_T Posts: 427 Moderator
    Nov 13, 2022

    Hello @maximus

    There can be a few reasons why the speeds may be slower from one router to another. Our newer routers would automatically assign devices to the 2G or 5G network based on the type of device, bandwidth usage, and strongest signal. It it possible that the devices were connecting to the 2.4G network instead of the 5G and the 2.4G network is typically a little slower than the 5G because there are more sources of interference for it. If your own router works better for you, you can absolutely use it. I would just recommend calling in to 855-707-7328 so that the WiFi charge on the account can be removed if you would like to keep using your own router.

  • maximusmaximus Posts: 22 Contributor
    Nov 13, 2022

    if I bypass the router I will get the full 940 mbps speed, to my Mac mini if I connected it thru the spectrum ax router by a wired connection I will get only 500mbps ? the modem is a 2.5g ubee modem, ?

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