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I have a Roku TV and Spectrum TV, my mother is visiting and wants to view her Spectrum.

tkdpollardtkdpollard Posts: 1 Newcomer

My TV automatically logs into my account, even though I have logged out and won't log into hers. It continues to revert back to mine. How can I get my Roku to "forget" my log in information?


  • James_MJames_M Posts: 3,944 ADMIN
    Nov 16, 2022

    Hi & welcome!

    I believe I understand the question. You can try deleting and reinstalling the app, which will force you to sign in again. However, the app uses the modem and internet connection to authenticate the app, so if your mom uses her credentials to log in at your home, she will be considered "out of home" and will have limited content available. In other words, if she wants to view programming from her home address, that will not be available at your home. The only exception would be for CloudDVR, where any CloudDVR content recorded on her account would need her log in to access. and can be accessed when away from home.

    If she is looking for specfic programming at your home, you may want to also check to see if it available either OnDemand or by using one of the network apps (such as NBC Peacock or HBO Max, for example).

    Hope this helps, and if I missed the mark, please feel free to add some more details.


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