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how can i block spam risk calls

Clay_Munn88Clay_Munn88 Posts: 1 Newcomer


  • SatchSatch Posts: 4,760 Contributor
    edited November 19 Nov 19, 2022

    Hello @Clay_Munn88,

    Welcome to the Community!

    Currently, "Spam Risk" shown on your Spectrum Cable TV boxes' TV screen is the blocking mechanism in place to tell you that it is a potentially suspicious call and you should not dial the number. The blocking part with Spectrum Call Guard is the inability for callers to leave messages. If the caller can not leave messages, than Call Guard is working properly.

    There is not a current Call Guard technology from Spectrum that allows the spam calls to not show up on your Cable TV screen in the first place.. Traditionally, the system needs to ring the phone once to screen the call. (Sometimes twice.) Than it is either allow the good call to keep ringing til pick up, or answering machine activates, or drop the bad call. But if caller ID on TV is activated on your cable box, you will always see the call as any of the following:

    A.) Good call number. (Can leave message)

    B.) Bad call number ( Can't leave message)

    C.) Spam Risk (Should also not be able to leave messages.)

    Caller ID on TV may require up to a 24 hour period to activate on a new or swapped box.

    I like the update you are suggestion. The ability for Call Guard to drop all bad/spam risk numbers before the phone even rings or the number gets to your TV screen.

    Note that Caller ID on TV requires a Spectrum Cable TV subscription and Spectrum Cable box, allong with a Spectrum Voice (landline) subscription.

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