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Will Spectrum provide a Better Router?

old_texanold_texan Posts: 44 Contributor
edited January 10 in Connectivity Dec 06, 2022

I'm on my 2nd RAC2V1K router. It's locked of course, but that's not the problem. The problem is DISTANCE. I have a modest size house -- 1500 sq ft. The router is in my home office at the front, and our main T^V is at the back. -- about 60 feet away.

The first one, had a really weak signal and streaming video kept dropping out. I figured it was a dud and got a 2nd from the local Spectrum store. This is better -- but not much. I still get dropouts more frequently than I'd like. It just doesn't seem to have any range.

Now, I can buy my own router. BUT - - - - I'm paying Spectrum. Does anyone know of a Specturm router model that's any better? I know it varies from region to region, and I live in San Antonio.

Or-- failing that -- any suggestions on a modestly priced router that would have that much reach. I'm only using it for 2 TV,s 2 desktop PCs, I laptop PC, and 2 cell phones. Hardly a big network since they don't all run at the same time.

Would appreciate any advice. Also, if I DO buy my own router, does that save me anything on my Spectrum bill? (Aside from the issue that if something then goes wrong, Spectrum won't come out and fix it. I think that's the only advantage of using their equip.)

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