Router Speed Lower Than Internet Speed

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I just took my RAC2 router back to Spectrum. While I'm paying for 300 mps, the router was only producing 30. (Ouch!)

They gave me a new router, when I hooked it up, my ethernet PC could connect at 300 mps, but wf-fi connected machines only connect at 90.

That's a big improvement over 30, but still not 300 I'm paying for. Is this normal? And has anyone else seen this much of a gap between ethernet speed and wifi speed?

I'm thinking I should go back for yet a 3rd router.

Any experiences to share?


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    What model is the router and what's the WLAN adapter of the connected device showing for the connected channel #, RSSI, Tx rate, PHY mode, MCS index, and # of spatial streams? Also keep an eye on that PHY Tx rate during a big ole speed test and see what it bottoms out at.

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    Hmm router is an Askey RAC2V1K (standard for this area),

    RSSI -- if I connect directly to the modem, I can receive the full 300 mps (doesn't help my wife's computer),

    Channels can't be altered because Spectrum now "locks" the router

    PHY? Supposedly (again it's locked) is rated at 802.11n, ac

    It "should" be capable of 4 spatial stream, but can't test that.

    Thanks for the detail, but much of that can't be determined from a locked device. What is was really after was:

    is anyone experiencing that much of a drop in device speed from WLAN speed? If it's normal, I'll have to buy my own router. If abnormal, another trip to the SPectrum office. And yet another RAC2.

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    I was asking for the parameters that the WLAN adapter of the connected device - as in the computer you’re running the speed tests with - is showing. Not the router. But let's call the whole thing off. Not that 90 is too bad in the first place but i don’t think the bottle neck is due to anything more than usual spatial attenuation and channel contention that is the nature of the beast. You’d probably be able to marginally improve that by centralizing the router there in the basement if you have one and only one floor above it or else on the ground floor or replacing it with a name-brand router that has a bunch of external antennas sticking out of it or both. Otherwise i’m afraid you’d be wasting even more your time.

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    HTG --

    Thanks for taking the time. Am considering buying my own router. Seems that Askey RAC series is not well loved.

    Appreciate your patience.

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