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Have high ping no idea what to do?

Freek245Freek245 Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited December 2022 in Connectivity Dec 21, 2022

I had a problem with high ping under load on my internet and am at a loss here. Recently found that the Arris modem I was using had the Puma 6 cpu which are junk, replaced it with the Ubee, both from spectrum, and it got a little better but is still all over the place. I ran ping plotter pro as suggested and will post the results and this is the modem directly hooked to my pc so i know it cannot be an issue with anything but on spectrums end. Im not an expert by any means but if someone could help me that would be great. So, im getting high ping on Hop with IP and pill post a pic to prove, what needs to be done to resolve this issue because im getting

a little tired of always having a problem with spetrum.


Best Answer

  • William_MWilliam_M Posts: 535 Moderator
    Dec 21, 2022 Answer ✓

    Hi @Freek245, welcome to our community!

    I do not see any issues with your test. A traceroute runs a ping test to the IP of each hop, and the primary function of the hop is to forward data to the next hop, not respond to ping requests. Some hops may queue ping responses until they are less busy resulting in a delay, or not respond at all, but it does not necessarily mean it is having an issue forwarding your data. If any one hop was the cause of issues I would expect to see the same issue on every hop after.

    Your average ping to is 18.4ms, with 0% packet loss, which is fantastic. Where are you seeing a higher ping, and what are you using to measure it?


  • RAIST5150RAIST5150 Posts: 890 Contributor
    Dec 21, 2022

    Curious about the high loss rating while still on the local private network.

    Modem/router combo unit, or separate modem and router?

    If separate, may be something going on with NAT acceleration or QoS?

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