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Intermittent Connection / VPN

chas365chas365 Posts: 3 Spectator
edited January 24 in Connectivity Dec 28, 2022
This discussion was created from comments split from: Have high ping no idea what to do?.


  • chas365chas365 Posts: 3 Spectator
    edited December 2022 Dec 26, 2022

    I've had issues connecting with most websites since Friday afternoon. Speed test consistently gives ~370Mbps download, but websites mostly time out. Ones that do connect download pages at speeds that rival 28.8Kbps dial-up!

    A friend suggested I try a VPN (can't imagine how long that would take to d/l). On a hunch, I checked my Virus scanner and it had a built in VPN which I had never turned on, Turned it on and BOOM instant broadband again!

    This tells me it's an issue with Spectrum's equipment.

    edit: Before someone suggests it's the virus scanner, I disabled it completely and it did not help connectivity. And I have used this N brand for years without VPN and zero issues.

  • chas365chas365 Posts: 3 Spectator
    Dec 28, 2022

    The mis-configured equipment that the VPN was getting around turned out to be MY router; not any Spectrum equipment. Found this by bypassing router and connecting directly to modem. Power-down reboot of router didn't help- soft reboot within router admin worked to re-apply all settings and fixed the issue.

  • Randy_SRandy_S Posts: 440 Moderator
    Dec 28, 2022

    @chas365 Thank you very much for your update. I split your comments off onto their own thread so that it would stand out in case others may experience the same.

    Great job on the troubleshooting and welcome to the Spectrum Community.


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