Trying to Resolve Confusion Over World Boxes, Legacy Boxes, and Remote Pairings

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Hey Guys,

Creating this thread because I have gotten questions over the past several months about the Spectrum World Boxes and the new World Box Remotes, as well as the legacy remotes that are also in the field:

Here are the main questions:

1.) If you get a new remote at a Spectrum Store or through Customer care, are they still giving out the non- World Box Remotes, such as the excellent Clickr Backlite?

2.) Can legacy remotes, such as the Clickr Backlite, be paired with a World Box?

3.) I do know that a World Box Remote, paired with World Boxes, can be programed to work with legacy boxes, see here:

4.) I also know that World Box remotes are paired with RF control by default, which in English means that you don't have to point directly at the recivers to operate them. If you want your World Box Remote to work with the traditional IF control, where you must point it at a legacy reciver to operate it, you have to have a legacy cable box and unpair the World Box remote for RF operation..

5.) What are the pros and cons to using a World Box Remote?

Additional comments, questions, and replies welcome!




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    Hi @Satch! Thank you for your questions.

    Other remotes are still given out, but availability can vary. We cannot guarantee stores will have any specific models.

    I'm unsure if older remotes can be programmed to work with the world boxes, but I'm doubtful. I am not finding anything in the way of programming instructions. It couldn't hurt to try the auto search method of programming.

    I think the pros of the remote is that it is small and simple, but some would probably consider those its cons. The biggest pro is, as you mentioned, it is RF and does not require pointing and direct line of sight.

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