Spectrum TV app for IOS and Apple TV as well as browser watch.spectrum.net all fail if using IPv4

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Starting a few days ago the Spectrum TV app started failing for IOS and Apple TV as well as via watch.spectrum.net with a browser.

The problem only occurs when using IPv4. What happens is that the Spectrum TV app (and browser) attempts to connect to api.spectrum.net. It sends a DNS request for api.spectrum.net and receives a DNS response with IPv4 address It then sends repeated TCP SYN requests to that address, but never responds with a TCP SYN/ACK to complete the connection. Therefore a connection is never established and streaming fails.

Has support for IPv4 been terminated? If not, someone needs to look into what's happening here. If so, this needs to be announced somewhere where everyone can see.


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    Hi & welcome!

    Are you also getting an error code? Are you trying to lauch the app on your home network or away from home? What troubleshooting have you tried?

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    I did everything in the troubleshooting list. I got ILP-9000 on the IOS app; AFE-1004 on the Apple TV app; no error code on the browser, just a wheel that spun forever.

    The problem happened on my home network (IPv4), but not on cellular (IPv6). That led me to capture network traces to see what was happening between the Spectrum TV app and the Spectrum servers. As I stated above, the problem was that the server associated with DNS name 'api.spectrum.net' (address was not responding to connection requests and, therefore, could not allow streaming to take place. I have performed network trace analysis for years and know what I'm talking about.

    Note that I'm using past tense. The problem went away sometime between the time I submitted the post and now. I had also reported this problem via the feedback mechanism on the IOS app earlier today. I don't know whether that resulted in corrective action or whether it was already in process.

    What I do know is that network traces now show the 'api.spectrum.net' (address is NOW responding to connection requests, whereas it wasn't before. And now streaming is working for Spectrum TV on IOS, Apple TV and watch.spectrum.net.

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    Thanks! There was likely a temporary issue with the app. Let us know if the issue returns.

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