Missing Young and Restless episodes

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Episodes 70 and 71 of Young and Restless are available through CBS app and Pluto but not the Spectrum app. Why?

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    Hello @brendab391964

    Welcome to the Community! Spectrum has no control over the programing content of channels. They only get the rights to transmit channels over the cable system. As to reasons why Young and the Restless episodes are missing on the Spectrum app, you would need to contact CBS through social media.



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    CBS and Pluto TV are both owned and operated by ViacomCBS and however long it takes for any episode to become available on demand on any re-distributor’s system after it originally aired and became available on demand on ViacomCBS’s own distribution system may be largely up to them. Be that as it may, it would appear as though the subject episodes should be available on demand via Spectrum TV tonight and tomorrow night, respectively, i.e. about two days, each, after originally airing.

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