I'm Unable to connect to out of home wifi connections, any assistance?

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Hello, I've had Spectrum Mobile + Internet for two years, and during that time, I've never used the ability to connect outside of my home. However, for some strange reason, my current device won't connect to any nearby Spectrum Hotspot WiFi. I successfully logged in after installing the wifi profile through the app, but I still had no luck. Any assistance?



  • William_M
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    Hi @BlackSuit421, welcome to our community!

    Are you connecting to one of the hotspots listed on our hotspot map? Have you tried more than one?

    After connecting and logging in, do you get an error message when you open your web browser?

    Are you able to use the trial network? Do you have a different device you can try?

  • RAIST5150
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    May be a slight misunderstanding of what the hotspots are, at least in our area.

    They are not exactly "outdoor" hotspots like we used to have years ago. As in, a single connection that covers the entire mall parking lot and maybe out into the roads around that shopping center.

    They are more a private business coverage area... MIGHT gain access while in the parking lot closer to the building, but it is mostly only accessible basically when you are on site to their business.

    At least that has what I have found in my city.

    The map query shows about a dozen places around where I work, but I rarely if ever see their SSID's with very low signal when I am driving through the area--but do see them with a usable signal when I actually pull up and do business with some of them.

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    Right. Also note that the Spectrum WiFi Profile available to Spectrum internet subscribers applies to Spectrum enterprise Wi-Fi hotspots specifically named, verbatim, Spectrum, SpectrumWiFi, SpectrumWiFi Plus, & Spectrum Free Trial. And Spectrum Mobile-connected iPhones & Androids should be automatically configured to connect to Spectrum Mobile hotspots named, verbatim, Spectrum Mobile WiFi.

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