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Our Voice Online Manager (PC) always shows a Red Icon of a House with an X through it (see screenshot). When I rest my cursor on it it says "Out of Network". However, we are connected to the Spectrum Network via our Spectrum provided E31U2V1 Modem and RAC2V1K router. I've tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers and disabling extensions without success.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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    Hey there @catchtwentytwo!

    Do you have use a VPN, Proxy, Antivirus, or any other software that might affect your internet connection that you can pause?

    I recommend rebooting your modem, router, and your computer. If you can try on a completely different device, and try going to watch.spectrum.net to see if you get an out of home error there.

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    1. No VPN or Proxy
    2. Turned off antivirus, malware protection and any ad blockers/tracking blockers
    3. Rebooted modem
    4. Same issue on a different PC
    5. No out of home error with watch.spectrum.net 

    the "out of network" icon still appears as mentioned in my original post. However, it has been there for a long time but doesn't seem to have any impact on my services. Perhaps you can pass this info on to the appropriate department as an FYI. Thanks

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    If it is not impacting anything other than that icon I wouldn't recommend trying more intrusive troubleshooting, I was thinking about having you factory reset then replace the router, but we can definitely forward feedback about it in case it is affecting other customers. You're welcome! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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