Modem for TV streaming use?

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I have Frontier Fiber for internet but have Spectrum for TV services. It is my understanding that Spectrum can provision a modem for their TV subscribers that do not have Spectrum internet services to receive all channels in-home on the streaming platform.

So I have some questions:

  • Would I be able to have an owned modem provisioned for this purpose, or will I need a Spectrum-issued modem?
  • Would I be able to request this service if my TV package is a grandfathered Bright House package?



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    Hi @terabitz

    You would need to use a Spectrum provided modem, but there is no charge for it. Unfortunately it would not work with a grandfathered package, only current Spectrum packages. You can call 1-855-707-7328 if you might be interested in upgrading. You should still be able to view all channels through your cable receive and limited channels when using the Spectrum TV app.


  • terabitz
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    @William_M appreciate the answer!

    This is another thread for another day, but I have reasons for holding onto my legacy plan for now. There are still channels even 6+ years after the merger that Charter has still not picked up that I would lose if I switched over.

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