How to automatically go to Spectrum app when I power on Samsung TV?

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I am trying to help a very old parent that always tunes in to one or two channels. I have spectrum app on Samsung smart TV. I understand from this forum that "Tune to Last App" feature of Samsung does not work for spectrum.

Are there any other ideas I should look into? Is there a programmable remote that can record a macro sequence of button clicks from one or two remotes... and feed this macro into a single button?


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    Good morning @IamSRK ! I have a Samsung TV, too. I love it. That said, I am not aware of a remote that can program to open the Spectrum App. I hope someone else in the Spectrum Community has some ideas or suggestions..


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    It is apparent by now that while Samsung TV provides the ability to auto-tune into your favorite apps, but SPECTRUM has chosen not to support that feature as they dont want to lose their set-top box customers to app-based programming. What spectrum does not understand is that they can only survive by competing with other streaming providers rather than hoping people will continue on set-top boxes.

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    Hi @IamSRK, Welcome!

    I think it is a matter of programing by the TV manufactures' that is the issue here. There is no set standard in the Smart TV industry for what a Smart set goes to when turned on. We had an original Samsung Series 8 that would tune to the Spectrum STB when turned on using the Samsung remote. TV died after a power surge when a very old surge protector failed to protect it during an unexpected power failure.

    We got a slightly different upgraded model of the same set a year later, and this one does not auto power on the STB when turned on via Samsung Remote. We have to use the Spectrum Remote to do that. So, even if you could find a third party remote, say Logitech or Harmony that could auto tune to the Spectrum app when turned on if the app is installed on your TV, your next set, or remote may not be able to do that

    I am going to refer you to a tech guy forum that can help with all types of technology:

    1.) Go to this site here:

    2.) Bookmark it

    3.) Register at the site to post

    4.) Create a post in the "Do it yourself" (Not Computer Related)sub-forum that explains your situation. (Scroll Down.)

    5.) See what they say.

    6.) You might get more in-depth responses and potential solutions for a remote/programmable macro that can power on to the Spectrum App directly. But I think the things we said about the different types of TV's and the problems associated with this type of programing can still apply. But that site and its people might be able to offer more help.


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    It's lousy how that Autorun Last App feature supposedly works fine with more dedicated apps like Prime Video and Netflix but not any of the clearinghouse type of apps like Hulu and YouTube TV and Spectrum TV. Your parent might be better off with a Spectrum cable TV box. That's what i have to do for my situationally marginalized brother. The Samsung TV should stay on the same HDMI input from one power-on to the next but make sure it does before you think about doing that.

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    @HT_Greenfield you are correct. That is what I was thinking. Among all the apps I have it is spectrum App that is most clumsy.

    -Takes longest time to load

    -Cannot save favorite channels. It allows you to mark favorites but it does not save when you exit app

    -Cannot enter channel numbers to jump from channel 8 to channel 2008. Yes, you gotta click 2000 times.

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