Intermittent issues using own modem, motorola mb6811

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Just purchased this modem since mine kept burning out and still continue to have issues. Can someone look at these numbers and see if they're in range?

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  • Randy_S
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    Good evening and welcome to the Spectrum Community, @thatguyrob

    I was able to pull up your equipment with your login credentials and I see a couple of blips in the modem's health history and the frequencies are all within range in our system. For some reason our network blocked me from viewing your screenshot but that is what I saw in our system and talking directly to the modem.

    What troubleshooting have you already done? Before I jump to a tech appointment, have you also checked your coax connections from the back of the modem through to the wall? (including any splitters if you have them). Make sure the coax cable isn't pinched or coiled up too tightly?

    We will get you taken care of.


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