I can toggle on spam id but not spam blocking. It is greyed out.

mcsquirrel Posts: 6 Participant
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Also when I try to enable Spam ID it says Unable to Complete Request.


  • William_M
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    Hi @mcsquirrel.

    Are you trying to adjust settings for email or phone service? Has this worked previously in the past? Do you have a different device you can test on?

    If you can share a screenshot of the page you are on that would be helpful!

  • mcsquirrel
    mcsquirrel Posts: 6 Participant

    I tried it on mobile through my spectrum app. I never tried it in the past because I just saw that I had this. I tried it on both our mobile devices. I finally got spam ID to toggle on but Spam blocking is grayed out. When I go back to check the settins the spam ID is off again.

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